Our instructors are real people with with real experience and expertise. They are customer focused and always share a passion to help you be at your best. 


No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, the KINETIC team and instructors will always support you every step of the way. 



Julie has a degree in Health and Sports Studies from the University of Iowa. She firmly believes movement, regardless of what kind, is one of the best forms of medicine.  Julie wants everyone to find a form of movement that works for them, and will make it her mission to help everyone find theirs! She enjoys helping clients get stronger, healthier and faster. Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor, she can still take you through a challenging workout.

Club Manager


Personal Trainer

Mercedes has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science as well as being a certified Resistance training specialist and in muscle activation techniques. Her passion is working with clients that struggle with muscular or joint issues in their pursuit of their fitness goals. Mercedes is familiar with all aspects of fitness and focuses on helping her clients reduce compensations, move better during all of their day to day activities and feel better overall about their health and fitness abilities. 

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