Fitness Director

McKenna has her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a focus on Health and Fitness. Her passion though is in athletic performance because she believes all humans are athletes in some way and optimizing physical performance and functionality leads to success in all areas of life. Her goals for all her classes and clients are to develop positive relationships around exercise and health, improving performance, and optimizing personalized goals to help people realize their potential. McKenna knows there are so many different ways a person can reach their goals and she loves having creative freedom to help them find the pathway that's best for their individual needs. 

Alyssa Lopez

Personal Trainer & Fitness Specialist

After graduating in 2015 with a Bachelors in Communications, she began her own health journey to better understand how to optimize functional movement and weight loss in day to day activities. This lead her to begin finding ways to help people find better movement, health, and strength to better their day to day lives. Her passion and determination to see everyone’s best version of themselves can be seen in her engaging and challenging group classes as well as her one on one training. Alyssa current specializes in strength training and conditioning, HIIT style training, and weight loss with weights program. 


Personal Trainer

Mercedes has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science as well as being a certified Resistance training specialist and in muscle activation techniques. Her passion is working with clients that struggle with muscular or joint issues in their pursuit of their fitness goals. Mercedes is familiar with all aspects of fitness and focuses on helping her clients reduce compensations, move better during all of their day to day activities and feel better overall about their health and fitness abilities. 

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